Course Update

7th November 2016

    Over the past couple of months the Greenstaff have been very busy cutting all areas of the course.With the amount of rain we have had this year combined with higher temperatures we have experienced an unusual amount of growth with no signs of the course burning off!!.As well as keeping on top of […]

Fairway divotting

16th June 2016

We recently had an afternoon divotting fairways with a group of members,we managed to get the front nine done in 2.5 hours which was fantastic.The back nine has also been done by members coming in a few mornings.This has been a huge help to the greenstaff.

Greens performance testing

16th June 2016

Today we have been doing performance testing on 3 different greens.For this we take 9 soil samples from a grid pattern on each green which are then sent off to the STRI for analysis.When we have our annual visit later in the year the results are provided and we can compare these to last years […]

Westwood visit’s Goswick

24th February 2016

Lee Westwood played Goswick for the first time yesterday, he enjoyed the winter course and said that he will be back in the summer to play the full course.

Course Update

22nd February 2016

Water and more water!! Due to the extremely wet weather we had throughout January we still have a bit of water lying on the course.With the forecast being better for the next few days it should allow us to get the course back to normal and allow the Greenstaff to get on with normal duties. […]

Golf Course FULLY Open

19th January 2016

We have only had 12 holes open since the start of the year. Glad that the course is fully open now, and hope that it will remain so.

Fairway mats

8th January 2016

The fairway mats are now out on the course on fairways 6,7,8,11,12,14.Over the last 2 seasons this has proved to be very successful in improving these landing areas going into the new season.

First week back!!

7th January 2016

Happy new year to everyone. Firstly we welcome Andrew Hogg to the Greenstaff at Goswick.Andrew has previously worked at Magdalene fields,The Hirsel and Kelso golf clubs. Its been a bit of a strange week for our first week back.When you expect it to be a lot colder and growth on the course to have stopped […]

Last Day of 2015

31st December 2015

Perfect day for golf for the last day of the year. Have as great New Year Goswick Golf Club