Full Member£520.00
County Member£410.00
Distance County Member£370.00
Armed Forces£235.00
Winter Member - 5 day£210.00
Winter Member - 7 day£260.00
9 Hole Member£205.00
Intermediate Member "A" 18-21 YRS£110.00
Intermediate Member "B" 22-25 YRS£235.00
Intermediate Member "C" 26-30YRS£350.00
Junior Member 12 to 17 YRS£50.00
Junior Member Under 12£40.00
Non-Playing Member£20.00
Locker Rental - Men£20.00
Locker Rental - Ladies£5.00
Buggy Bay Rental - Petrol£165.00
Buggy Bay Rental - Electric£190.00


  • Course Open 52 weeks of the Year
  • Competitions throughout the Year
  • Members Guest £15 W/Day £18 W/End (This concession not available to Winter Members)

Country Member (Must live over 30 miles from Goswick within Postcodes TD, EH & NE)
Distance Country Member (Must live out with Postcode TD, EH & NE)

RoleNameTelephone NumberEmail
SecretaryRory Davidson+44 (0)1289 387 256Here
ProfessionalPaul Terras+44 (0)1289 387 380Here