The Course

Copse Corner

Index 9
Par 4
392 Yards

The opening hole runs eastwards to the sea. The copse is one of the few groups of trees on the course, and lies at the elbow of a left to right dog-leg.The second shot is to an elevated green guarded by a mound and bunker on the front left side.


Index 17
Par 3
163 Yards

North facing, this short hole requires a shot to clear the large grassy depression in front of the green which gives the hole its name. Only one greenside bunker on the back left is there to catch the pulled shot.


Index 13
Par 4
437 Yards

From an elevated tee this hole requires a drive close to a bunker and mound before turning right towards the green which has a front right greenside bunker and a grassy dell which gathers the off-line approach to the left side.


Index 5
Par 5
545 Yards

A strong par 5, there are bunkers on the right side to catch the errant drive, playing your second shot to the left of the fairway affords the best line into this small and narrow green, guarded by a deep bunker on the left.

Pennicks Way

Index 1
Par 4
418 Yards

Named after Frank Pennick golf architect who modified the course, this par 4 plays longer than its yardage as it turns slightly left uphill after the drive, towards a green that slopes from front to back and has a narrow entrance.


Index 15
Par 5
528 Yards

This is a cracking par 5. A difficult tee shot with the out of bounds fence to the right with a prevailing left to right wind. An accurate lay up is required to avoid two fairway bunkers on the left. A fantastic elevated two tier green awaits a well struck pitch that has to carry on to the surface.


Index 7
Par 4
388 Yards

There is a high ridge right of this fairway with often fierce rough to avoid and a smaller ridge on the left side. The green is elevated and well guarded by a large mound front left, and four bunkers on the left side. The green is on two levels and longer than you might think.


Index 3
Par 4
421 Yards

Named after the farm just north of the hole.Driving to the right hand side gives you the best approach to this hole.Aim for the right hand side of the green with your second shot.

Cheviot View

Index 11
Par 3
199 Yards

Looking towards the cheviots, this par 3 has out-of-bounds down the right along with a copse of trees. There are three greenside bunkers and small mounds around the left of the green.


Index 12
Par 4
421 Yards

The drive has to avoid a left side fairway bunker, and the approach must carry a bunker well short of the green, which encroaches from the right. A small bunker lies at the front left side. The green may be difficult to hold if the ground conditions are fiery.


Index 4
Par 5
559 Yards

Out of bounds down the right. A ridge lies at driving distance running lengthwise. There is a crossbunker about 70 yards from the green. and three further bunkers, one just short and left, and two at the green.

Pilgrims Way

Index 8
Par 4
367 Yards

In the distance is the Holy Island but your concern is to drive to a fairway which lies obliquely to the tee, and lies on a bank beyond a drainage ditch. The green is hidden by a ridge, and unless your ball lies on the extreme left of the fairway, not too far from the green , you face a blind second shot. There are no bunkers on this hole.


Index 16
Par 3
200 Yards

From an elevated tee you can just see the small river which gives its name to the hole. The green rises from front to back and is protected by bunkers on both sides. Additionally there is a crossbunker short of the green which needs to be carried to reach the putting surface.


Index 2
Par 4
393 Yards

A classic links hole undulating fairway with a large dune on the left. A tee shot towards the left hand bunker, one of three fairway traps affords the best line into the bowl type green. The green is guarded by a deep bunker on the left but a shot played to the right side will use the natural contours to feed the ball nicely to the middle of the green.

Bide A Wee

Index 18
Par 3
150 Yards

Elevated Tee to a bowl shaped green which is protected by five bunkers. A shot that is too strong will go into a grassy depression three feet below the green at the back.


Index 14
Par 4
431 Yards

Tee shot is fairly straightforward. There is a ridge that runs halfway accross the fairway from the right. Once past the ridge, the approach is relatively simple with only two bunkers protecting the green.


Index 6
Par 5
522 Yards

Three deep cross bunkers catch your eye from this elevated tee, thankfully these are out of range to normal mortals. Tee shot played towards the left hand bunker gives the best line into the hole. The safe play is to lay up short of the two bunkers guarding the green. Another undulating green with raised front and back means that you need to know which level the flag is on.

Westward Ho

Index 10
Par 4
269 Yards

A short par 4 where your tee shot should leave you with a relatively short shot to the green. Cross bunkers just short make it difficult to hit with your drive and a further 4 bunkers protect the green.