Goswick Golf Club

Goswick Open

Sunday 28th April 2019, White Tees, Goswick Summer Course

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ResultsNettCSS 73 (Visitors 73)
1st Jim Kelly(9) 66
2nd Alexander George MacKay(2) 67
3rd Craig. D Taylor(2)  Bedlingtonshire Golf Club68
4th Daniel Taylor(7) 69
5th James Grant(3)  Mortonhall Golf Club69
6th Matthew Stewart(4)  Broomieknowe Golf Club70
7th Andrew Callan(15)  Blyth Golf Club70
8th Andrew Jeffrey(12)  Westerhope Golf Club71
9th David Chidley(5) 71
10th Mark Davie(4)  Dunfermline Golf Club71
11th J Mather(5)  Newbiggin Golf Club71
12th Colin Teasdale(2)  Whickham Golf Club71
13th Mark Robinson(14)  Bishop Auckland Golf Club71
14th Kevin Long 4935(11)  Blyth Golf Club72
15th Justen Ross(3)  Dunbar Golf Club72
16th L Haddow(6)  Carluke Golf Club72
17th Ian F Henderson(1)  Blyth Golf Club72
18th Garry McNeill(19)  Winterfield Golf Club72
19th Mike Hall(7)  Stirling Golf Club72
20th DAVID FORFAR(5)  New Golf Club St Andrews72
21st Declan Coulter(5)  Dunfermline Golf Club72
22nd Daniel Jobson(4)  Blyth Golf Club72
23rd Troy O'Connor(3)  Niddry Castle Golf Club73
24th Kevin Law(7)  Bedlingtonshire Golf Club73
25th Paul Stubbs(10)  Durham City Golf Club73
26th David Howden(11) 73
27th Michael Speirs(9)  Blyth Golf Club73
28th Craig Stewart(5)  Dunbar Golf Club73
29th Gary Smith(24)  Blyth Golf Club73
30th Ernie Philp(6)  Dunbar Golf Club73
31st Graham Stirling(11)  Dunbar Golf Club74
32nd David Alexander Johnston(10)  Kings Acre Golf Club74
33rd Graham Moss(4)  Musselburgh Golf Club74
34th Craig Swan(6)  Bedlingtonshire Golf Club74
35th Terry Anderson(6)  Craigielaw Golf Club75
36th Jamie Rutherford(24)  Blyth Golf Club75
37th Daniel Eardley(6)  Liberton Golf Club75
38th Trystan Lloyd(15)  Blyth Golf Club75
39th M Quinn(11)  Westerhope Golf Club75
40th Trevor Smith(10)  City of Newcastle Golf Club75
41st Phil Dempsey(3)  Tulliallan Golf Club75
42nd John Grigg(5)  Blyth Golf Club75
43rd Casey Crooks(10)  Glenbervie Golf Club75
44th Paul Holmes(4) 75
45th Neil Gordon(6)  Baberton Golf Club75
46th Graeme Reid(1)  Dunbar Golf Club75
47th Andrew Shannan(13)  Lanark Golf Club75
48th Andrew Fordy(17)  Blyth Golf Club76
49th N Russell(0)  Cleveland Golf Club76
50th Jack Johnson(15)  Whitley Bay Golf Club76
51st S Ashley(0)  Arcot Hall Golf Club76
52nd Laurie Flynn(9)  Dunbar Golf Club76
53rd Richard Brown(5)  Whitby Golf Club76
54th Philip Didsbury(6)  Blyth Golf Club76
55th Stephen Brooks(-2)  Blyth Golf Club76
56th Dougie Rawlings(14)  Murrayfield Golf Club77
57th Paul Armstrong(13)  Blyth Golf Club77
58th S J Lowther(12)  Blyth Golf Club77
59th Martin Barnet(7)  Kilspindie Golf Club77
60th Paul Andrew Atkinson(6)  Ramside Hotel & Golf Club77
61st Paul Davidson(14)  Slaley Hall GC77
62nd M Wilson(7)  Arcot Hall Golf Club77
63rd Stephen Loan(17)  City of Newcastle Golf Club77
64th Stuart Whithorn(6)  Bishop Auckland Golf Club77
65th Ross Alexander(11)  Dunbar Golf Club77
66th Ross Moir(1)  Dukes St Andrews78
67th M McCabe(9)  Cleveland Golf Club78
68th N Sharpe(7)  Westerhope Golf Club78
69th Richard Colley(6)  Dunfermline Golf Club78
70th John Atkinson(10)  Blyth Golf Club78
71st John McIntyre(9)  Dunfermline Golf Club78
72nd Aidan Barber(25)  Blyth Golf Club78
73rd Peter Perrons(14)  Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club78
74th Paul Davie(5)  Lanark Golf Club78
75th Paul leavey(11)  City of Newcastle Golf Club78
76th Micheal Stevens(16)  Slaley Hall GC79
77th D Marshall(15)  Wishaw Golf Club79
78th Peter Gibb(4)  Minto Golf Club79
79th Michael Stubbs(5)  Castle Eden Golf Club79
80th Brian Howden(6)  Minto Golf Club79
81st K Varney(13)  Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Club79
82nd Neil McEwan(9)  Niddry Castle Golf Club79
83rd Keith Dickson(13) 80
84th Richard Smith(14)  Blyth Golf Club80
85th Kenny Scott(6)  Dunfermline Golf Club80
86th damon watts(9)  Hexham Golf Club80
87th Graeme Farrington(11)  Blyth Golf Club81
88th Peter Watson(7)  Dunbar Golf Club81
89th Keith Robinson(18)  Blyth Golf Club81
90th Gary Cunningham(10)  Hexham Golf Club81
91st David Turner Porteous(3)  Longniddry Golf Club81
92nd Joe Wilson(11)  Musselburgh Golf Club81
93rd Tom Carver(6)  City of Newcastle Golf Club81
94th simon hulse(5)  Bedlingtonshire Golf Club82
95th Dominic Morgan(18)  Blyth Golf Club82
96th Kenny Plain(6)  Kings Acre Golf Club82
97th Christopher Platts(9)  Blyth Golf Club83
98th R Fawcett(15)  Bishop Auckland Golf Club83
99th Christopher Barbour(13)  Edinburgh Thistle Golf Club84
100th Kevin Maguire(10)  Forrester Park Golf Club84
101st Jonathan Nash(6)  Bedlingtonshire Golf Club84
102nd Thomas Mulvee(16) 85
103rd Mark Sinclair(12)  Kings Acre Golf Club85
104th G R Gardner(13)  City of Newcastle Golf Club86
105th Anthony Peet(11)  Blyth Golf Club89
106th Joe Robinson(28)  Blyth Golf Club90
107th Sidney Huddart(21) 93
108th steven jobson(5)  Arcot Hall Golf ClubNR
109th Geoff Foster(19)  Blyth Golf ClubNR
110th Paul Meikle(7)  West Linton Golf ClubNR
111th Ken Laidlaw(5)  Dunbar Golf ClubNR
112th John Penny(1) NR
113th Adam Scott(14)  Alnmouth Golf ClubNR
114th Richard Oliver(9)  Blyth Golf ClubNR
115th Gary Todd(19)  Blyth Golf ClubNR
116th Alan Plant(6)  Arcot Hall Golf ClubNR
117th Neil Guy(11)  Oakleaf Golf ClubNR
118th Gareth Bridgeman(7)  Edinburgh Thistle Golf ClubNR
119th John McMorland(4)  Glen Golf ClubNR
120th Tony Qadeer Mundh(11)  Kings Acre Golf ClubNR
121st Ross Kidd(11)  Broomieknowe Golf ClubNR
122nd Graeme John Dent(7)  Newbiggin Golf ClubNR
123rd Tony Johnson(21)  Flixton Golf ClubNR

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