Dress Code

Members and visitors are asked to ensure that they conform to a good, neat and clean standard of dress and footwear both on and off the course.

Tailored crew/turtle neck shirts specifically designed for golf are not categorized as collarless shirts and are acceptable.

Only tailored shorts/tailored single coloured cargo shorts are acceptable in the Clubhouse and Golf Course. Beach or football shorts are UNACCEPTABLE.

Denim Jeans are ACCEPTABLE in the Clubhouse only if they are neat and tidy, are of uniform colour and are free of any fraying, holes, rips or tears.

The following must not be worn in the Clubhouse:

Wet clothing Hats/caps/visors Collarless shirts Football/rugby/Beach tops or shorts

The following must not be worn on the Golf Course:

Collarless shirts, Sleeveless Shirts (not designed for golf), Vests & Football or Rugby tops It is requested that shirts be tucked into trousers.

The dress code in the Clubhouse does not apply to children under 10 years of age. Persons not adhering to the above dress code may be asked to leave the Clubhouse or the Golf Course. The Board reserves the right to decide what is suitable dress and the Professional and his staff and members of staff of Goswick Golf Club have the full support of the Board in enforcing these decisions.